Little Miss Vivian

Once upon a time there was a little girl with long golden hair that reached to her waist and she wore her long golden hair in a french braid and she always wore fancy dresses because her father was very rich and her name was Vivian .

She lived in a villa far from the city of Boston in Massachusetts.

Despite that she could have whatever she wanted , She was also very sad because she did not have any friends!
Her father was traveling a lot for his work , But even when he returned from his work he did not smile much because he was very sad and even when Vivian tried to cheer him up it was not always easy because at first he would smile but then he would look at the wall and tears would run down his cheeks .

Vivian herself tried to be happy, But it was hard because she was very lonely .

She did not have any friends and the only person who she could talk to sometimes was Mr. Belveder an Englishman who teached her to to read , Write and math in her private classroom .

Mr. Belveder was a nice man tall and slim and whiskers and mostly a smile on his face and always looked nearly dressed in his suites with tie , But she did not have any real friends to play with !
No other children to play with !

All the children she knew of lived in the city and her father did not allow her to get in a horse carriage and go to town .

She had to stay at their villa and play in their huge garden .

Sometimes she thought of asking her father to send out invitations to the children in town for a birthday party or to just play , But her father always said no .

She never asked why , But accepted her father’s decision.

One day it was November and it started snowing and Vivian looked out of the window admiring the snow flackes falling softly to the ground.

She walked away from the window and ran to the library they had in their villa . It was a big room with 2 book shelves on each side of th room and a fire place in the middle by the walk to keep her father and her warm during the winter while they sit in the library and read any book they wanted from the book shelve .

Her father was sitting as usual in the library when he did not have to travel for his job .

Vivian carefully aproached te library an knocked on the door of the library and waited for her father to respond.

Her father looked up from his book and noticed Vivian and allowed her to come in . Vivian carefully entered the library almost tiptoeing into the library and walked slowly towards her father .

Vivian stood still right infront of her father sitting in an arm chair with a book by Mark Twain on his lap . Her father stared at her from the moment he noticed hen she knocked on the library door till she stood right infront of him .

Her father David Canton kept staring at her and waiting for her to make a request,  But did not hear anything from his only child Vivian .

Vivian waited a few mor seconds and said ; Father , I want to have a birthday party and I want to invite all the children who live in town !
Her father looked at her and said sternly “NO” !

Vivian stumped her right foot on the rug which she had never done before and turned around and ran out of the room leaving her father shocked staring at her and full un comprehension.

Vivian ran up th stairs into hrr room and dropped herself on her bed and cryed hestaricly.

Mr. Canton looked shocked and called for his butler Johnson.

Johnson entered the room and Mr. Canton looked at him.questioning.

My daughter was naughty now !
I have never seen Vivian like this before !

Butler Johnson looked at Mr. Canton and said ; With all duerespect Mr . Canton , But your daughter is very lonly and is longing for friends !

Mr. Canton suddenly looked at Johnson like it was the first time he has seen him in his life , Got up and left the room .

Vivan was in her room and crying on her bed .

After a while she calmed down and saw that it was evening as it was dark outside.

Vivian got up from her bed , Put her scarf and coat on and went down the stairs as quiet as possible and walked towards the door as quiet as a mouse .

She opened carefully the door thankfull that the door was un locked and then closed slowly the door behind her and ran past the garden and the carriages and out to the lonely and w uiet street !
She ran and ran without caring what would happen next .

After a while of running she fainted and fell to the ground .

On the next morning she woke up and found herself in a bed with a grey blanket and was confused !

Vivian did not understand where she was or what happened !

She raised herself and saw a woman , Tall and slim with blond curly hair tied on her forehead and a dress with different colors and a used beige apron looking at her with concerned eyes .

Vivian did not know what to say except ; Where am I ?

The woman with the blond curly hair said ; My name is Mrs . Eliza and you are in our apartement.

Vivian was now even more confused !

Who was Mrs. Eliza and where was she and who is us ? !

Mrs. Eliza saw the confusion in the little girls face and smiled gently .

My husband and little John found you on the road . You must have gotten lost .

Are you Vivian Canton ?

Vivian looked surprised .

You know who I am Vivian asked .

Mrs. Eliza looked at her again gently and smiled . Yes , I know who you are and we all know your father .

Vivian was speechless and did not know if she should be happy or scared .

The woman with the curly blond hair just kept smiling and said ; Do not worry , We will not hurt you . We are just concerned about you .

Vivian thought about what the woman had said and smiled then .

Thank you for helping me Vivian said .

The woman smiled back .

Vivian asked then where everybody was and Mrs . Eliza answered ; My husband and little John are with the other men at work in the carpentry . How do you feel ?
Vivian thought about it and realized that she was exhausted .
The woman told her to rest and then tell me what happened to you and we will also inform your father where you are .
Vivian suddenly looked scared and the woman asked her ; What is the matter ? Vivian saw that woman looked concerned and explained ashamed that she had run away from home .

Why did you run away ? asked Mrs . Eliza .

Vivian looked at her and then started crying !

I don’t have friends to play with !

Mrs . Eliza looked at her with a sad faceand said ; We should let your father know where you are because he must be worried about you .

Vivian responded ; I do not believe that my father will be worried . He is probably glad that he got rid of a little girl that runs away ! Mrs . Eliza laughed a warm laugh and said,  Miss Vivian , Your father may be upset with you , But he will always love you and even when you grow up to a young lady , You will always be his beloved little girl .

Vivian did not know what to think and was confused.
Mrs . Eliza laughed again and said ; Miss Vivian,  Should we let your father know where you are and smiled . Vivian smiled back and said yes .

Mrs . Eliza offered Vivian to first have breakefast and while Vivian was eating breakefast Mrs. Eliza went to her friend on the other side of the street and asked her to send someone to Mr . Canton to inform him that his daughter was safe and sound in town and would be returning back shortly

A messenger wassent while Vivian was having breakfast .

Later Vivian was rested and Mrs . Eliza sat down and smiled at Vivian . Vivian did not know what to say at first , The tears were pouring down her cheeks .

I do not want to go back home Vivian cried out !

My father would not even miss me !
Mrs. Eliza looked at Vivian sympatheticaly .

Vivian , Your father loves you !
He loves you more than everything else in the world .

Vivian stared at her and said then ; But how can my daddy love me if I do not have friends ! I do not have anyone to play with !
Mrs . Eliza listened to her and said ; Miss Vivian , Your father is a bitter and lonely man !
He is very sad since your dear mother died after your birth !

He is hurting very badly !

Vivian thought about what Miss Eliza said and felt suddenly even more sad because she ran away from her dear father.

Do you think my father will let me invite other children over if I try to understand his sadness Vivian asked Miss . Eliza ?
Miss Eliza thought about it and said ; Yes , I think he would .

While Vivian was in town The messenger went to The Residence of Mr. Canton and brought the letter .

Mr Canton was pacing all day and when The laborer from town came to bring the mesage about his daughter,  He imediatly opened the letter and read and was shocked and full of joy at the same time knowing that his daughter was safe , But at the same time shocked that she had ran away .

Mr. Canton called for the butler Mr. Belvedere and The butler arrived and Mr. Canton asked for his carriage and the laborer to join him to pick up his child .

The butler prepared everything needed for the trip and Mr. Canton took the carriage acompained by the laborer and they rode together into town .

Mr . Canton arrived with The messenger and politely knocked on The door and Miss Eliza opened and he saw Vivian his beloved child .

Miss Eliza allowed him to enter and he imediatly ran to hug his daughter and Vivian embraced the hug as well !

Vivian wanted to explain , But her father gently touched her right cheek and said , No worries !
I missed you so much my beloved child !
Vivian bursted out ; Father ! I do not have any friends!
Mr . Canton looked at his daughter and then noticed the gaze of Miss Eliza and understood .

Mr. Canton looked at Vivian and promised that she may invite children from town to her party and at the same time offered an invitation to Miss Eliza as well !
Miss Eliza delightfully accepted The invitation and was also invited to join Mr . Canton and his daughter for dinner on that evening at his villa .

The End

The Death Of Lucas Brigham

Sarah Brigham woke up shaken and could not understand what had happened ! It was dark and quiet in her room . She sat up in bed and brushed away strains of her shoulder long blond hair from her right eye and found herself a bit disoriented . She looked around in her partly dark room . It was partly dark because she did not close the curtains of her window last night . She looked at the clock and it was only 5: oo am ! So she had tow more hours to sleep . She was going to get up at 7:00 am and wait for her husband Lucas Brigham to call her to let her know that was safely on his way back home to San Francisco . Lucas was a successful Consultant for insurance policies and worked for Aflac which was also a very successful company . Lucas had taken a flight to day ago on a Thursday morning and said that he would call Sarah when she was on his way back from a meeting .
Sarah decided to go back to sleep without thinking anymore about why she woke up . At 8:00 am Sarah was about to leave the house that was on a quiet street with other couples living nearby and working as doctors , Consultants and teachers . When Sarah got ready to leave the house after showing , Getting dressed and having breakfast she suddenly heard her cell phone ring and picked up and heard at first only a male voice and did not quiet understand what she was hearing then suddenly she the voice asked her again ; Whom am I speaking with ? Sarah responded and the male voice introduced himself as Officer Lang and asked her if she was familiar with the name Lucas Brigham . Sarah responded then that this Lucas is her husband . Officer Lang hesitated for a moment and then asked her to please come to the San Francisco police head quarters . Sarah did not comprehend at first , But then agreed and said that she would be there in 2o minutes . Sarah hung up and quickly locked the door to the house and rushed into her car and drove to the police head quarters .
After 2o minutes Sarah was at the police station and asked to see Officer Lang after a couple of minutes Officer Lang came around the hall while Sarah was standing right in front of the reception and no intention to move from her spot till she knew what was going on . The Officer looked at Sarah and saw a beautiful tall woman with shoulder long blond hair slim and wearing a red business outfit of a skirt with perfectly matching jacket and red slippers and a black purse .

Officer Lang introduced himself and so did Sarah and he asked her to come with him around the corner where there was an empty office and asked her to take a seat . Sarah did not want to sit down and asked Officer Lang to tell her why she was here and what had happened ! At First the officer hesitated but then Sarah demanded , Is this about my husband ? !

The n the officer looked at her with sympathy and asked her formally ; Ma-am , Are you Sarah Brigham ? Sarah did not have much patients but responded with “Yes” Then the officer apologized ; Mrs . Brigham , I am sorry to tell you that your husband Lucas Brigham was killed this morning at the San Francisco airport at 5:00 am . Somebody mugged him and according to our investigation he must have fought the mugger and was shot .
Sarah listened and at first could not believe what she was hearing and asked if she could see her husband . The Officer nodded and took her to the elevator where they went to the basement and the officer went with Sarah to the Pathology and introduced Sarah and she was then brought to see her husband and as soon as she saw the lifeless body of her husband Lucas Brigham she screamed and feel to her knees crying .

Dusya .